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Ranking Member Waxman Welcomes President Obama's Remarks on Health Reform in California


Location: Unknown

Today Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman issued the following statement praising President Obama's speech to highlight implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California:

"I am pleased that the President today chose to highlight the important progress California is making on health care reform. Our State, our health providers, and our community groups have committed to implement this landmark law on an unmatched scale, and millions of Californians will benefit as a result of these efforts. As a lead author of the Affordable Care Act, I am fully committed to working to make sure California is a national model for effective, efficient, and consumer-friendly implementation.

"As the President pointed out, our State's health insurance marketplace -- Covered California -- has promoted robust competition amongst insurers, resulting in many choices and affordable rates throughout the state. Californians will finally have guaranteed access to quality coverage that is truly there for them when they need it. No Californian will ever again need to fear that an accident or a surprise illness will lead to financial ruin, and millions more Californians will feel free to start a new business or work for themselves because they will finally have quality, affordable health insurance options on the open market.

"All of these great benefits of the law require sustained public education and outreach to become a reality. I am pleased that a few hours after the President made his remarks in San Jose, Covered California will convene its first regional town hall in Los Angeles. Thousands of health providers, community groups, and citizens will come together over the next few months to make the Affordable Care Act in California a success and that will serve as an example for the rest of the nation. I am grateful for their efforts and I look forward to working with them in the months to come."

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