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CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript - CIA Security Regulations


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BLITZER: Barbara Starr at the Pentagon, thanks very much.

Let's bring in Congressman Peter King, who commissioned this report. What can you tell us about this, Congressman?

REP. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK: Wolf, first of all, I asked for this report two years ago when CIA employees and Special Forces came to me and said that security had been compromised in the -- for information for the movie, that people from Hollywood had been given access to areas they shouldn't be. They had been put in contact with people that didn't want to talk to them. I at that time talked to the inspector general of the Defense Department and CIA to conduct an investigation. Jay Carney attacked me from the White House press room, saying I surely had more important things to worry about than Hollywood. But I can tell you, the CIA and the Department of Defense's inspectors general, they did preliminary investigations in the fall of 2011. Then they moved on to full investigations.

And the CIA completed its first investigation earlier this year. They told me, and I can tell you this, that there were breaches of security, regulations by the CIA, that they did not keep adequate records regarding their dealings with Hollywood. And there's other information in there. That's all I can say publicly.

Now, the Defense Department to the inspector general's report, I was told months ago this was completed. I have not seen it, no one's seen it. Apparently it was leaked by someone and a draft of it is out today. But that has been asked for at least five or six months. I'm saying, why did they wait so long -- the inspector general is supposed to be independent. Why is that being held up? Who is putting the political pressure not to release that report? Because it does raise very significant issues about the breach in security by the CIA. And also by certain military people.

BLITZER: What does it say specifically about the then-CIA director, Leon Panetta, who later went on to become the secretary of defense?

KING: It says that Director Panetta -- who I have great regard for, by the way. I believe whatever he did would have been inadvertent and he probably was not properly briefed on this. And the fact is that there was at least one person from Hollywood, Mark Boal, was in the audience at an event which he apparently should not have been at. Secretary Panetta -- at that time Director Panetta -- he gave the name of the commander on the ground for the SEAL team and also went into some more description. All of which violated, and certainly was at least was classified information, if not top secret.

It caused great concern to the military. I will just go as far as that. They're very concerned this came out. They're also very concerned Mark Boal had been there. The White House, even though they were critical of me, it turns out that a deputy press secretary from the White House helped coordinate this cooperation with Hollywood. Also, a Democratic lobbying group was involved in setting up these meetings. And I know that you had people from Hollywood -- Mark Boal, Katherine Bigelow, taken to locations they shouldn't have been at. Meeting with people who didn't really want to meet with them, but were told and urged to cooperate so this movie would be more realistic.

But again, CIA has told me that much of what went on, or a significant amount of what went on, did violate CIA security regulations.

BLITZER: So basically what I hear you saying, and correct me if I'm wrong, Congressman, that Leon Panetta, when he was at that event, he assumed -- he was told everybody was cleared to hear what he was going to say about that SEAL team, and mention some names. He didn't know there was somebody from Hollywood inside that room, is that right?

KING: Well, reports say that. But if people close to Leon Panetta are saying that, I will believe that. I have no reason to doubt it. The fact is, then who in the CIA made the arrangements to have Mark Boal in there at that event where only people who had security clearances were supposed to be?

Now these special operators were there. These people who took part in the raid. These people who are, for the most part, unknown to the outside world, they had no idea someone was there who not only didn't have security clearance, but was from Hollywood. That's the last person they would want to have observing them and know who they are and their commander was on the ground.

BLITZER: Peter King, the congressman from New York, thanks very much for joining us.

KING: Thank you, Wolf.


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