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Blog: Study Reveals Ohioans Will Pay Significantly Higher Rates in 2014 Because of ObamaCare


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"The president sold his health care law to Ohioans as a way to bring down costs, but instead, many will pay nearly $200 extra every month while also paying higher taxes. It's unfair to struggling families and taxpayers, and it's another reason why we have to repeal this law and focus on patient-centered reforms that will actually lower health care costs and protect jobs." -- Congressman John Boehner

A 2013 study released by the Ohio Department of Insurance revealed that Ohio "insurers expect the cost to cover health care expenses for consumers will significantly increase" next year because of the implementation of ObamaCare. As outlined in the report, this increase will translate into higher rates, an average increase of 88 percent, for the majority of Ohioans.

The study estimates that the current average cost to cover medical expenses for an individual health insurance plan is $233. Once ObamaCare is implemented, the cost to provide an individual health insurance plan will skyrocket to an average of $420. As insurers pay more to cover individuals under ObamaCare, Ohioans will pay more for their health insurance.

"Some people have the impression that the main reason that rates are going up under ObamaCare is because of the law's requirement that insurers cover people with pre-existing conditions. But that accounts for only a fraction--around a quarter--of the rate hike," explained Avik Roy in an article for Forbes. "The rest comes from all the other things that ObamaCare does, such as forcing people to buy richer insurance benefits; to buy products with all sorts of add-ons they might not need; to pay ObamaCare's premium tax; and to pay a lot more, if they're young, to subsidize older individuals."

The Society of Actuaries study is just another in a long line of reports outlining the negative effects of ObamaCare on families, the economy, and the health care system. For years, Congressman Boehner has led the fight for repealing ObamaCare because it's increasing the cost of health insurance, reducing access to care, and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers.

Fully repealing President Obama's health care law continues to be a focus for House Republicans and an essential part of the GOP's Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs.

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