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Public Statements

Unfair Practices at the IRS

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FORTENBERRY. Mr. Speaker, it has become increasingly clear in the last few weeks that certain IRS employees engaged in unfair practices targeting Americans because of their religious or political beliefs. The scrutiny was improperly frequent and systemic. The questions asked of certain groups were intrusive and inappropriate.

A well-functioning government must ensure that those in positions of influence are committed to serving with impartiality and fairness. Revelations that the IRS targeted groups based on their religious or political affiliation undermine the public trust. I think we can all agree that regardless of one's political views, equal treatment under the law is a fundamental right that cannot and should not be broken.

We were sent to Congress to ensure that these fundamental rights are upheld. We must continue to work aggressively to root out the causes of this serious breach of trust by the IRS.

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