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True Washington Pork: The Farm Bill That Eats Everything


Location: Charlotte, NC

Today, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) issued a call for better management of agriculture programs, food stamps, and food safety programs, which are currently lumped together in a massive piece of legislation known as the "Farm Bill."

"Like true Washington pork, the so-called farm bill gobbles up every special program in sight, becoming so bloated that effective management is impossible," said Congressman Pittenger. "If this is a farm bill, it should focus specifically on farms and agricultural issues. If other programs included in this bill are worthy, they should stand on their own merit, not be hidden inside the farm bill."

By separating the individual programs currently combined in the farm bill, Congress can provide increased oversight and push for common-sense reforms that better help hardworking American families.

Congress is expected to vote on the "Farm Bill" later this month.

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