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AZ Central - Who Carries the Blame for Scandals


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By Congressman Paul Gosar

From the cover-up of the failures of the Benghazi attack to the IRS targeting conservative groups to the Department of Justice secretly seizing phone records from the Associated Press, the public's faith in government diminished -- and rightfully so.

What we have here is not a liberal problem or a conservative problem. This is the problem of big government.

For those who believe the president's explanation, questionable actions are being taken in his name without any direction or knowledge by his administration. If true, that can only occur when government is so big it is beyond control.

What we live with today is a government too big and too dangerous to be trusted. It is a threat to Americans of all political stripes.

As a conservative, I am committed to limiting the size and scope of government. As a proud member, and the only congressional member from Arizona on the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, I remain committed to delivering government accountability, honesty and transparency to the people.

One area where I demanded the truth and accountability has been the Benghazi attack.

During a recent investigative hearing, new information came to light. First, two stand-down orders were given while the Benghazi attacks were in progress. Yes, this administration left Americans to die.

We also discovered that the Obama administration's original narrative was a deceitful lie that misled the American public.

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice after the attack contended that these four Americans were murdered as a result of a protest against an anti-Islamic YouTube video. Yet, the "video" was never a factor in the attack, and it was a shameful act of propaganda to say it was.

It took my questioning of State Department official Gregory Hicks to expose the diplomatic damage caused by the administration's false narrative.

Just how could the public trust a government that would lie about the murder of four heroic Americans? The investigation into Benghazi will continue until we gather all of the facts and hold people responsible for their actions.

The administration has admitted that groups aiming to educate citizens on the Constitution and their civic duty to hold government accountable were targeted and intimidated by the IRS when they applied for tax-exempt status. It appears Christian and pro-Israel groups were targeted as well.

If the IRS can target and discriminate against one group of Americans, it can do it to anyone. This is unacceptable.

Finally, there is the Associated Press probe where the Justice Department violated the Fourth Amendment when it seized two months' worth of reporters' phone records. Still, no one has been held accountable.

We are not getting straight answers from this administration on Benghazi, IRS targeting or the AP probe -- only half-truths and excuses. Expect more hearings. Expect further investigations.

We are not safe until we restrict the power of government and hold those that defy the rule of law accountable. Only then will we begin to restore truth in our system of government.

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