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Focusing on Solutions

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALBERG. Mr. Speaker, I'm proud to serve in the House, where we're continuing to work on the American peoples' priorities: encouraging job creation, growing our economy, and stopping policies that hurt American families.

Already this year, we voted to create tens of thousands of jobs and move toward North American energy independence by passage of Keystone pipeline legislation.

We've also voted to save jobs from policies that hurt our economic growth by passing a budget that will balance in 10 years and repealing the President's health care law that is already costing jobs.

In addition, we've worked to expand opportunities for all Americans by passing legislation that allows for a better trained workforce in removing barriers to help balance the needs of family time and work.

Our focus is on solutions--not blame and excuses--to help encourage a healthy and prosperous economy, to create jobs, and to expand opportunities for all Americans.

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