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Los Angeles Wave - Karen Bass Hits Out at Local Sequestration Cuts

News Article

Location: Washington, DC

By Olu Alemoru

Californian lawmaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) lashed out at Republicans Monday after the austerity budgets cuts known as the sequestration impacted local civilian personnel.

Bass was reacting to news that due to the cuts employees at the Los Angeles Air Force Base will now face 11 furlough days beginning in July.

It comes in the wake of a recent Department of Defense announcement that furloughs will impact 57,270 employees in California, resulting in a near $189 million economic loss to the state.

"While Washington continues to be consumed with trumped-up scandals and games of political gotcha, hard-working Americans are finding out that just as our economy begins to spark they will be forced to miss days of work and lose take-home pay," she said in a statement. "The real scandal is that despite this self-inflicted wound to our economy, Republicans in Washington still refuse to appoint budget conferees so that we can pass a budget that replaces the sequester and invests in the economy."

Ron Veazie, of the American Federation of Government Employees Union, agreed.

"This a major pay cut to civil service employees and it is unfair," he said. "We have already made sacrifices -- how much more do they want from us? There has to be another way. We would like answers because if there must be cuts then everyone should have to share in the pain."

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