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Gov. Heineman Comments on Tax Bill


Location: Lincoln, NE

Today, Gov. Dave Heineman commented on LB 104, a bill that commendably includes a provision that would prevent an increase in local sales taxes by a half-cent in Omaha.

However, the bill also offers tax breaks for an out-of-state company instead of prioritizing significant tax relief to hard-working, middle income families throughout the entire state. While the Governor strongly supports renewable energy, he has stated that favoring out-of-state special interests over Nebraska's citizens is wrong.

The Governor offered the following comment:

"I signed LB 104 into law today because the most important issue in this bill is to protect Omaha taxpayers from a sales tax increase. As I said earlier, I do not favor the part of this bill that provides a Kansas company a special tax break, when the Legislature didn't provide new, significant tax relief to Nebraskans.

"As Governor, if I had line-item authority for policy bills similar to my budget line-item authority, I would veto the special tax break for a Kansas company and keep only the portion of the bill that protects Omaha taxpayers from a sales tax increase. Today, the Platte Institute issued a report describing the wind energy portion of this bill as, "corporate welfare,' and I share that concern.

"This was a difficult decision, but my most important priority is protecting Nebraskans from a tax increase."

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