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American Families Cannot Afford Obamacare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FLEMING. Mr. Speaker, two-thirds of the uninsured say they may not purchase insurance under ObamaCare. A new survey of the uninsured says only 19 percent will opt for coverage by January 1, meaning that only the sickest will buy insurance, driving up the cost of health care for all of us.

In fact, 61 percent expect their health care costs to go up as a result of ObamaCare. You may recall that earlier this year a Federal analysis estimated that the cheapest health insurance plan available for a family in 2016 will cost no less than $20,000 a year per family.

And it's not just the uninsured who are filled with uncertainty about ObamaCare. More than two-thirds of small business owners surveyed by the U.S. Chamber say ObamaCare will make it harder for them to hire more employees. Many are busily converting employees to part-time as we speak.

American families cannot afford ObamaCare. It must be repealed, just as I and my Federal Republicans, and even some Democrats, have voted to do.

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