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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Ensuring Equality and Safety for Future Generations


Location: Unknown

This was a great week for Delaware. We got things done. While the federal government continues to bicker and cling to partisan politics, here in Delaware we're shining a spotlight on what can be accomplished when individuals come together for the greater good of our communities -- regardless of their political affiliation.

On Tuesday, we became the 11th state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage. Just 24 hours later, I signed gun safety legislation expanding background checks on firearms sales. Together, we made our state better for generations to come. Countless individuals who lobbied for change, extraordinary efforts by advocacy groups and community leaders and courageous legislators speaking on behalf of their constituents all worked tirelessly for years to make these moments possible. By advancing the causes of liberty, equality, and safety for all who call Delaware home, they have earned a spot in history amongst other great Delawareans. We may not always agree. It may take years for us to reach our goal -- but by making marriage equality the law of Delaware and further strengthening Delaware's gun safety laws, we have stood firm in our belief that Delaware is and will be a welcoming and safe place to live, to love, and raise a family and we have taken another bold move in our efforts to keep Delaware moving forward.

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