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Pelosi Statement on LGBT Pride Month


Location: San Francisco, CA

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in celebration of LGBT Pride Month, which begins tomorrow:

"LGBT Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we've come in the march toward equality and to rededicate ourselves to the cause of justice now and in the future.

"In this month, Americans can take pride in our efforts to end discrimination in our society and in our laws -- from the passage of a fully-inclusive hate crimes law to the end of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' In this month, elected leaders can take pride in our LGBT colleagues in Congress -- from the record number of LGBT Members in the House to America's first-ever LGBT Senator. In this month, we can all take pride in the knowledge that soon, the Supreme Court will discard the defenseless Defense of Marriage Act and Prop. 8 into the dustbin of history.

"What emerged as a new chapter in the fight for civil rights at Stonewall in June 1969 continues today in the battle to secure basic, fundamental protections for LGBT families and workers everywhere -- to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act; to reject discrimination in our immigration system against LGBT families and foreign-born partners and spouses; and to make marriage equality not just a cause of one community, but the law of the land. In LGBT Pride Month, that drive endures as we act to keep the doors of opportunity and equality open for LGBT Americans and all Americans."

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