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Leader Cantor Talks About IRS Investigations & Job Growth on CNBC's "Squawk Box"

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Ms. Lerner Is An Employee Of The People: "All I do know though, is if that were to happen in court and a judge were to make a decision and find she waived her right to claim the fifth, then he could compel her to answer questions, and if not, put her in jail. Obviously, we don't have that ability here. Really, I think this is something that really reflects the frustration that is growing about this investigation. Ms. Lerner is an employee of the taxpayers and the people of this country. We need answers and she should be providing them to the people she works for. We're going to continue to try to get to the bottom of what looks like now a growing instance of an egregious abuse of power."

House Oversight Efforts Are Serious & Methodical: "I'm really proud of the way that Chairman Issa, Chairman Camp and others are conducting these hearings. They are being very methodical and serious about trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. Obviously, there needs to be some finding of criminal wrongdoing in order to call for a prosecutor, and that may come. Right now, we're trying to be very methodical about getting to the facts here. because if you look at it, and each day there's more evidence that comes out, there has been an abuse of power going on at the IRS. Frankly, there's news in other areas of this government where the Obama Administration seems to have lost focus of its obligation in governing. Instead, we on the Hill want to keep the focus on trying to restore the faith in the government as well as the confidence in our economy."

Political Discrimination By IRS Is Unacceptable: "I can speak to my frustration about the Administration's action or lack of action. If you have an ongoing IG investigation or audit and information comes to you about this type of behavior where you are discriminating against political opponents, I do not accept the fact that the White House says well we couldn't interfere with that audit or investigation. That's not true. If they knew that kind of activity was going on, that is clearly a point at which they should have gone in and said don't do that anymore, and that would not have interfered with the continuance of that investigation by the Inspector General. We're trying to get to the bottom of this to find out who knew what when, but clearly these actions have that come out on the part of the IRS and its employees are unacceptable."

House Remains Focused On Job Growth: "I'm hoping we can maintain our focus on restoring the trust in our government, and the faith in our economy. It's up to this President to come forward and work with us to create the conditions for economic growth. We have long said that this tax code is entirely too complicated. We need to go about tax reform and simplifying the code, bringing down the rates so we can create growth in this economy. We're staying focused in the House on things like energy this week. We just passed a bill yesterday on the Keystone pipeline and we have a bill today to try to make college education more affordable."

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