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Letter to Excellency Dr. Jabir Habeb Jabir, Ambassador of Republic of Iraq - Camp Hurriya Terrorist Attack


Location: Washington, DC

His Excellency Dr. Jabir Habeb Jabir
Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to the United States of America
Iraqi Embassy
3421 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

I am writing to you to condemn the most recent terrorist attack of April 29, 2013, against the residents of Camp Hurriya, formerly known as Camp Liberty. I have previously written a letter following the February 9, 2013 horrific attacks which killed six people and wounded dozens more, and raised concern over the poor safety and living conditions at Camp Hurriya. Unfortunately, since the last attack, there has been no action by the Iraqi government nor the UN to facilitate the safe return of Hurriya residents to Camp Ashraf, as the grave and deteriorating situation on the ground continues to risk innocent lives.

According to reports, the defenseless residents of Camp Hurriya were hit by at least 20 rockets. As addressed in my previous letter, these residents were guaranteed their safety by both the UN and the Iraqi government in the Memo of Understanding (MoU) of December 25, 2011. The Iraqi government committed itself to providing the safety and security of the Ashraf residents at Camp Hurriya but, to date it has not lived up to its obligations.

Again, I respectfully request that the Iraqi government assist the Camp Hurriya residents to safely and quickly return to Camp Ashraf, which is equipped with a better infrastructure and safer facilities that can sustain future attacks and improve the livelihood of Ashraf residents. I also call on the Iraqi government to immediately investigate this vicious attack and to use all measures to prevent any further attacks on these defenseless residents until it can ensure the safety that these residents were clearly guaranteed in the MoU of 2011.


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