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Blog: The Webster Wire: "Creating American Jobs through Energy Independence"


Location: Unknown

A constituent contacted our office regarding the issues he and the members of his community were experiencing with their postal delivery. After contacting USPS, the local postal official who oversees delivery to this particular community extended an apology and committed to a full street inspection following the carrier's delivery to ensure the right mail is in the right box at each location. If you ever need assistance cutting through the red tape at a federal agency, contact my office at one of the numbers below. We are here to serve you.

Legislative Update:

This week, the House passed a bill I cosponsored -- the Northern Route Approval Act -- which leads where the president has wavered and finally approves the Northern Route of the Keystone XL Pipeline. This project has been studied for 1,706 days by 10 federal agencies and several state environmental agencies.

There are four simple reasons this bill has garnered bipartisan support:

- It creates American jobs;
- It increases our energy independence;
- It strengthens our national security; and
- It will contribute to lower gas prices

By preventing this project from moving forward, President Obama said "No" to 42,100 construction and manufacturing jobs, at a time when Americans need work.

He said "No" to less expensive grocery, gas and utility bills for American families, which could result from reduced energy costs for American manufacturing and shipping.

He said "No" to increased diversification of American oil supply.

He said "No" to reduced dependence on foreign oil.

Our answer is, "Today."

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