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Arrowhead Republican Women

Location: Unknown

Thank you for having me, Judy.

* I always feel at home here in the West Valley with fellow Republican women.

* Encouraged to see so many active, intelligent women interested in public service and politics.

* Reminds me of a story President Reagan used to tell:

* The victim of a traffic accident was stretched out on the side of the road. A crowd had gathered, and a man elbowed his way through. He pushed aside a woman bending over the victim, shouting, "I'll take over. I've had First Aid training."

* He tried a few things he had learned in his First Aid class. Then the woman tapped him on the shoulder and said, "When you get to that part about calling a doctor … I'm right here."

* Women in politics have made great strides in this country.

* We're more than just running for office … we're winning!

* Just look at Arizona.

* In the year I was elected Secretary of State, a woman won every major statewide office.

* Four of AZ's last five Governors were women.

* No other state comes close.

* Of course, public service is about a lot more than the election.

* You've got to do something worthy of the public trust once you
take office.

* You have to make difficult decisions … choices that can affect millions of Arizonans.

* The decisions you make can upset people … sometimes even your friends.

* In those instances, I've found that it helps if they know how I made the decision.

* Here's my philosophy:

* I want the best information available. I want to hear from my advisers and people I trust.

* Finally, whatever I decide is going to be guided by my conservative principles … my faith … and my heart.

* Many of the decisions I've made as Governor have been difficult.

* That's what happens when you take office and inherit a multiBillion-dollar deficit.

* But I've been blessed with the opportunity to make big changes for this state … changes I know will leave Arizona better off.

* That's really all you can ask as a public servant.

* I never set out to be Governor 30 years ago.

* I just wanted to change things for the better.

* I was guided by a pretty simple set of principles … things like the Free Market, Competition, and Limited Government.

* These principles came in handy when I had to clean up the mess left by Governor Napolitano and the gang.

* We did two simple but tough policy changes.* One was to stop spending money we didn't have.

* The second was to reduce bureaucracy and unleash the private sector.

* Guess what? Working with the Legislature we've turned a shortfall into a surplus.

* We've turned our economy around.

* Arizona's taxes are more competitive and its regulations are leaner than ever before.

* We're seeing the results.

* Just yesterday, I was in Tempe to announce Go Daddy's plans to bring hundreds of new jobs to the East Valley.

* That same day, CEO Magazine named Arizona the 6th Best place in the nation to do business!

* Long term, the quality of our schools is critical to the Arizona economy.

* That's why we're raising standards … asking more of our teachers … and making sure parents get the information they need.

* That's why Arizona is the strongest School Choice state in the nation!

* It's also at the heart of my performance funding plan for schools.

* It's time that we start rewarding schools based on their performance and improvement … encouraging classrooms to be innovative and get results.

* This performance funding plan is a key part of my budget proposal.

* I hope you'll speak with your legislators to let them know how important this is.

* Finally, I began today by talking a little about how I make a difficult decision.

* Now I'm going to talk about one of the toughest decisions I've faced in public office: Medicaid.

* As you know, I opposed ObamaCare.

* I even led Arizona's legal challenge all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

* Politically, I did everything I could to help the GOP retake the White House and Senate.

* As Republicans, we fought the good fight.

* It didn't go our way, though … in court or at the ballot box.

* ObamaCare is with us, and I had to decide what to do about it.

* Here's what I know:

* I know there are hundreds of thousands of Arizonans without health insurance.

* I know that, when they get sick or injured, they go to the ER for care.

* Those costs are passed along to the rest of us in the form of higher health premiums.

* I know many of our hospitals … especially in rural areas … are
facing financial disaster as a result of these costs.

* Lastly, I know Arizonans have twice voted to expand Medicaid coverage to our working poor.

* In making this decision, I took all of that information into account.

* I weighed the fact that the federal government will pay 100 percent of Arizona's costs for the first three years … and 90 percent after that.

* And I considered how this will keep Arizona tax dollars at home so they can provide health care to hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors in need.

* I didn't reach this decision easily.

* I prayed on it quite a bit.

* But I know my Medicaid plan is the right one for Arizona.

* And I'm going to see it through.

* More than 200 community groups all over Arizona have reached the same conclusion I have.

* I'm talking about business leaders … the Catholic Diocese … County Sheriffs … veterans groups and more.

* Now I need YOU to join this effort.

* You know me. You know my track record. You know what's in my heart.

* If you put stock in me, I ask that you join me in supporting this critical initiative.

* Reach out to your legislator and let them know that this Medicaid issue matters to you.

* Give them the support they'll need to take a vote that I know will be difficult.

* Before taking questions, so grateful for opportunity to speak before Arrowhead Republican Women.

* Thank you for keeping up the fight for our Grand Old Party and conservative principles.

* Most of all, thank you for continued friendship. Means so much.

* Now, happy to take your questions. Only ask that you keep them easy …

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