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Repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DAINES. Earlier this week, I sent an online survey out to my constituents with one simple question: Do you support efforts to repeal ObamaCare? Thousands of Montanans responded, and by a 3-1 margin they made it clear that ObamaCare needs to be repealed.

And as we speak, the American people are lighting up Twitter. Check it out yourself. They're tweeting about the harms of ObamaCare in three words. Actually, the hashtag is: ObamaCare in Three Words.

But while Americans are saying things like ``job-crushing mandates'' and ``premiums are skyrocketing,'' 1 hour ago the White House tweeted back and said this: ``Because. It's. Law.'' Well, I have three words for the White House: arrogance of power.

Madam Speaker, if the President is unwilling to listen to the voice of the people, then the House will, because this is the people's House. ObamaCare is a bad law, plain and simple.

I was elected to serve the people of Montana and represent their voice in this Congress, and that's what I'm doing today. Montanans have spoken loud and clear: they want this law repealed. That's why I will vote to repeal it.


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