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Honoring Women in Military Service

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, again let me offer my deepest concern and sympathy for our fellow Americans in Oklahoma--what an enormous tragedy and devastation--and also our friends in north Texas. America is embracing them, as we should.

But I rise today to acknowledge, as we look toward this coming weekend, and honor those who have fallen in battle, and to be able to celebrate the experience that Members of Congress, women Members of Congress had this morning in commemorating the war memorial for women, and to salute Brigadier General Wilma Vaught, who was the founder and originator, along with Members of Congress, of this historic memorial.

Today, we ascended to Arlington National Cemetery where we placed a wreath in honor of those women. 154 women have fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq. We had the privilege of honoring five women from the five military branches and to, again, pay tribute to those who are willing to sacrifice.

Men and women sacrifice. They are parents. Mothers leave behind their children and families. Families depend upon women in many different ways, and it is greatly an honor to be able to honor those women and to say as well that we will never, ever forget those men and women who have fallen in battle. And we will be there on Memorial Day, as I will be in my Heights location doing a flag ceremony and at the Veterans Cemetery, because this is what America does. We never forget those who fell in battle for us.

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