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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WEBER of Texas. Firings and jail time are in order. On Friday, May 10, the IRS admitted to the targeted scrutiny of conservative groups in their applications for tax-exempt status. Hundreds of groups have been targeted, and it went beyond those with just ``Tea Party'' or ``patriot'' in their names.

Since then, there has been a resounding opposition on both sides of the aisle against the IRS' abhorrent actions. The President called this incident ``outrageous.'' Frankly, Mr. Speaker, it's beyond outrageous. It is completely unethical. For those involved in this mess, I expect them to be held accountable for their audacious abuse of power.

Did I mention that firings and jail time are in order?

Thomas Paine said it this way:

Government is at its best a necessary evil and at its worst an intolerable one.

I am Randy Weber, and that's the way I see it here in America.

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