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Disaster Relief

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. This week, we saw heartbreaking images of devastation following a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, that is estimated to have been more than a mile wide.

The scope of the disaster reminds us that we're all at the mercy of nature's whims, but it also reinforces a sense of community that we share as Americans. When the final cloud dissipated, Oklahomans were met by friends, neighbors, and Red Cross aid workers ready to help, the same as the victims of Sandy along the Jersey shore and the same as those who weathered the waters of Katrina in the Ninth Ward.

One thing every American can rely on in the face of disaster is that every other American wants to help. Whether we face tornadoes on the Great Plains or earthquakes in Los Angeles, we face them together. Let's make sure these victims get the Federal disaster aid they need on a timely basis. Whether we endure in a red State or a blue State, we are all equally deserving of each other's assistance.

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