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Leader Cantor: We Have To Restore Trust In The Government & Faith In Our Economy


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"Good morning. Obviously, there have been a lot of questions raised over the last several days that the news has I think awakened the public, beginning to raise questions in their minds as to the direction of this government, and really to whom is this government accountable. We're going to proceed obviously in our work here in the House. We have to restore the trust in government and we have to restore the faith in our economy.

"There are questions that are being answered, and we are accountable to the families of the victims in Benghazi. We certainly are accountable to the taxpayers and the people of this country as to the actions of the IRS. And we certainly have plenty of questions and are accountable to the press in terms of its First Amendment rights and its ability to enjoy those and realize those.

"We have plenty of action on the floor this week, ObamaCare repeal is there again because we do not believe that an individual mandate or Washington-based health care is the direction we ought to go. We also are going to be working on an SEC accountability act. This is a bill coming out of the Financial Services Committee. It is a bill that the President's former Jobs Council said is necessary in terms of creating the conditions to create jobs. So, I'm hopeful that we can get a bipartisan vote on that coming together on the one thing that people are continuing to wonder, is Washington concerned about the future of this economy?"

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