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Boehner Column: Building a Stronger Economy for New Graduates


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column:

"Earlier this month President Obama delivered the commencement address at Ohio State University. It was a fine speech, and I join the president in congratulating the Class of 2013.

"But while the president used his address to highlight the noble aspects of service and citizenship, he missed a chance to focus on the opportunities our government owes the American people.

"After an unprecedented government spending binge, our country desperately needs robust economic growth and job creation. More than 21 million Americans are still unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking for work.

"Unfortunately, many of the policies coming out of Washington are crowding out opportunity and undermining growth. Just look at the president's health care law, with its 21 new tax hikes and more than 20,000 pages of new regulations.

"Far from "bending the cost curve,' the projected price tag of the law has nearly doubled since 2009. A recent study by the House Energy and Commerce Committee found that "Americans earning as little as $25,000 will still pay more' and "In the case of young adults, the premium spike will be even more painful.'

"And don't forget the impact on jobs. A survey of small business owners found that '71% say the law makes it harder for them to hire more employees.'

"Even those who helped push the plan into law are now speaking out. One Senate Democrat recently admitted he's "very concerned about what's going to happen with young people.' Another warned we're headed toward a "huge train wreck.'

"With all the new government spending, higher prices and added debt, it's no wonder that jobs are tough to come by -- particularly for young people starting their careers. According to the New York Times "the United States has gone from having the highest share of employed 25- to 34-year-olds among large, wealthy economies to having among the lowest.'

"Republicans may be the minority party in Washington, but we're leading on jobs and offering a plan to expand opportunity. Our solutions empower the real drivers of growth -- the inventors, manufacturers and hard-working Americans who just want the freedom to chase their dreams.

"So whether it's making our tax code simpler and fairer; expanding American energy production; reining in red tape; or repealing the president's health care law that's hurting small business, creating a better environment for jobs has been and will remain our top focus.

"But presidential leadership is really what's needed. The House has passed a plan to balance the budget, increase wages, and create jobs. Where is the president's plan to remove the barriers holding our economy back?

"If we've learned anything these past five years, it's that we can't borrow and spend our way to prosperity. Slow growth cannot become the new normal.

"So let's come together for all our new graduates -- and all those looking for jobs -- and guarantee a future where everyone has the opportunity to find work and chase the American dream. It's the least that we can do for our children and grandchildren."

Boehner represents Ohio's 8th District, which includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Preble counties, and the southernmost part of Mercer County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.

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