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Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WALBERG. Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman.

I find it unbelievable to sit here and listen to the divisive, erroneous, fear-mongering information that's being put forth by the other side of the aisle. It's unbecoming. Today's workplaces are a lot different than they were just a generation ago. Technology continues to alter the way goods and services reach consumers, and cultural changes have transformed the nature of America's workforce.

This important legislation, this compassionate legislation, allows private sector employees to choose--and I say ``choose,'' Mr. Speaker--choose paid time off or comp time as compensation for working overtime hours, and this policy has already proven extremely successful.

For nearly 30 years, government sector workers have been able to earn comp time. In fact, last year employees at the IRS took more than 246,000 hours of comp time in lieu of overtime pay. No complaints. Yet working parents and individuals in the private sector are not afforded with this same choice.

This is simply not right. Certainly every employee faces a unique set of circumstances and challenges and responsibilities. For some, taking time at home is a good thing for them. Additional pay is not necessary for them at that point, but having the opportunity to spend time with their children, to go to parent-teacher conferences and do other things with family is more valuable than a few extra dollars in the bank.

Choice and flexibility helps employees meet the demands of their jobs and address the needs of their families. That's why I'm proud to support this bill, this pro-family, this pro-worker bill. This is what is meant for this time, and I encourage my colleagues to get off the divisive rhetoric and get to the unifying effect of saying, We will encourage people in their lives, their families, and their incomes.


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