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Wicked Local Mansfield - Kennedy Addresses Mansfield Democratics

News Article

Location: Mansfield, MA

By Donna Whitehead

Congressman Joe Kennedy III called on voters Saturday to send a message to Washington by electing Democratic Congressman Ed Markey to fill former US Sen. John Kerry's seat in the June 25 special election.

Kennedy addressed a crowd at the eighth annual Mansfield Town Committee breakfast Saturday, May 11 at the Mansfield Elks Hall.

He thanked those gathered for their support in electing him last fall to fill the seat of retiring longtime Congressman Barney Frank and described the learning curve and hectic pace of the days since.

"When you get to Washington, no one gives you a road map," he said.
Though there have been wonderful moments since taking office, Kennedy said there are days that are "more than a little frustrating," particularly in working with Republicans to address the fiscal crisis.

He also added that as the minority party in the House, the Democrats cannot set the agenda.

"There is no incentive for them to come to the table," Kennedy said. "There are those on the other side who don't want to work anything out and the only way that changes is for all of you to send a loud and clear voice -- across Mansfield, across Massachusetts, across the country -- that enough is enough."

That message can be sent by electing Markey as Masschusetts' new senator.
"Use your voice, send that message. We need your help. I need your help," Kennedy said. "We have an incredibly important moment in about six weeks to send that message. Make no mistake what is really at stake at the end of June with this senate election."

The breakfast was also an opportunity to honor Dianne Royle, former selectman, school committee member and state representative candidate, as Mansfield's Democrat of the Year. Royle, a longtime Mansfield resident active in many community organizations, recently moved to Boston.

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