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Press Conference by Governor Christie On Natural Disasters: Americans Stand Up For Americans

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: I signed an Executive Order yesterday asking that the flags today be at half-staff for the people who are the victims in Oklahoma. What I'd say to the people of Oklahoma is, you know, be strong and have faith. It's not going to be easy. It's difficult, and for people who have lost their homes completely, it's devastating. And, listen two wrongs don't make a right, Angie, and I would urge all of the members of the Congressional delegation in New Jersey to support swift and immediate aid in whatever amount is deemed necessary for the people of Oklahoma. This is not a time for political retribution. What this is, is to bring our country together. As I said back in December and January, you know, at times of natural disaster, Americans stand up for Americans. And so my view is I would urge all the members of the delegation, Republican and Democrat, to get behind whatever aid package the President believes is necessary to be able to help the people of Oklahoma as quickly as possible…. Governor Fallin and I have communicated frequently over the last 48 hours. I offered to send National Guard to Oklahoma. She told me at this point she didn't need it, that she felt like she was okay in terms of the resources they had. But I told her to reach out to me any time she needs advice or help. Mary and I are friends. We serve on the Executive Committee of the National Governor's Association together. She's our Vice Chairman this year and so I've offered all help that I can give, physical help in sending resources from New Jersey and advice and counsel that I picked up from Sandy. I haven't spoken to anybody. I spent enough time in the lobbying game during Sandy. If Mary were to call me and ask me to talk to people, I'd be happy to do it but I think, you know, I need to leave Mary in charge of how she wants to determine how the interaction from Oklahoma should be to the House and the Senate. I'll have Mary control that. She's a very competent, good Governor. If she needs my help, I will certainly be there to talk to anybody she wants me to talk to but at this point she hasn't asked for that help and I won't do it unless she does ask.

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