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Press Conference by Governor Christie: Damn, Boardwalks Are Opening All Over New Jersey

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Damn, boardwalks are opening all over New Jersey. I'm going to try to be at everyone of them over the course of the next five or six days. We were in Lavallette earlier this week, Asbury Park officially reopened this past Saturday, I'll be in Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, we'll be in Wildwood and Ocean City, we'll be in Bradley Beach, we'll be all across the Jersey Shore over the course of the next five days. And the biggest reason that why I want to come and open these boardwalks is because I want New Jersey, and the region, and the Country to know that New Jersey has come back, that the summer will happen here in New Jersey and you need to bring your families here to enjoy and create new memories this summer, the summer of 2013 in New Jersey. That's what we're going to be talking about over the next five days and all summer in this state. We have a lot of challenges left to go and the folks who spoke before me have touched on all of them so I won't repeat them. I just want to tell you this, that on October 29th, I thought I had the greatest job in America. Being the Governor of the State that I was born and raised, I couldn't think of a better job than that. On October 30th it no longer was a job, it became a mission. And for any of you in your life who have been fortunate enough to have a mission, you know the difference. A job is important, a mission is sacred. And I know that the folks standing behind me feel exactly the same way. I will not let anyone get in between me and the completion of this mission to restore New Jersey to better than it was before October 29th, to help the citizens of our state recover, and to make sure that we not only rebuild our infrastructure and our homes and our businesses, but we help them rebuild the lives that were lost and tattered on October 29th. The only way that we're going to do that is together, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, people at the Jersey Shore, people in Bergen, in Middlesex Counties, people in counties that weren't as affected, and folks who really believe this state is what it's always been, the strongest, toughest state in America. We're going to work together to do it. So mayor let's go over with the Senator and the Freeholder Director let's cut that ribbon and let's get this baby open. Thank you all very much.

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