Senate Immigration Bill Threatens National Security

Floor Speech

By:  Lamar Smith
Date: May 9, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, the Center for Immigration Studies has analyzed the Senate immigration bill and found that it threatens our national security.

For example, it allows examiners to grant asylum on the spot to arriving claimants without giving them background checks. It prohibits the prosecution of claimants for any criminal passport or visa fraud violation if they have a pending claim for asylum, whether or not it is frivolous. The bill fails to create an entry and exit tracking system at land ports where most foreigners enter. It waives existing grounds of ineligibility for illegal immigrants seeking amnesty, including bars for terrorism risks. So it appears that even the 9/11 terrorists could qualify for legalization under the Senate immigration bill. Incredibly, it even allows the reentry and legalization of those from terrorist-sponsoring countries who have been deported.

How bad does it have to get before there is a popular uprising to oppose this bill?

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