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Obama's Visit to Texas Should Focus on Energy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WEBER of Texas. Tomorrow, the President of the United States will be traveling to the great State of Texas to talk jobs. I am proud that the President recognizes Texas as a leading job-producing State and that he understands what it is to create jobs and retain a robust economy.

Mr. Speaker, on Monday, The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article--it's on my chart up here--about the energy boom in Texas. It stated that Texas produces as much oil as the next four oil-producing States combined. The Lone Star State now pumps nearly 2 million barrels a day.

Now, the President's tour only has one stop in Texas, south of Austin, which is unfortunate. I would like to invite the President to come to my energy-rich district along the Texas gulf coast and see what job creation really looks like. If the President wants to create jobs, there is a project--the Keystone pipeline to be exact--that has been waiting 1,692 days to do just that.

I encourage and welcome President Obama to come to my district so he can talk with local business leaders who want the Keystone pipeline.

That's the way it is from where I sit. I'm Randy Weber.

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