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Repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BOUSTANY. Madam Speaker, as a physician with 30 years' experience, clinical experience, I rise to vigorously oppose ObamaCare once again. We need to repeal this abomination. Why?

Just take a look at this chart. Where's the doctor, and where's the patient?

Well, look at the corner. Physician's way here in the corner. Patient's way over there.

And what's at the center of this?

The Department of Health and Human Services with the Secretary. And at the top, the IRS. And we all know what's going on with the IRS today. How can we trust an entity like that to enforce this abomination of a health law?

Doctors and patients deal with very personal information, very personal. That's why you have to preserve the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. And having all this between the doctor and the patient is basically a recipe for massive failure. That's why we must repeal it. That's why I stand with my colleagues to repeal it.

Let's do the right thing. Let's go step by step and get sensible, real reforms that will make Americans proud of their health care system.

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