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Executive Session

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Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MERKLEY. Madam President, I rise to speak to the nomination of Michael McShane to serve on the U.S. district court of Eugene. Judge McShane is an exceptionally qualified nominee and will make a terrific addition to the Federal bench in Oregon. Over his entire career, Judge McShane has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to the law, to public service, and to our State.

He came to Oregon 30 years ago to serve communities through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. The Jesuit Volunteer Corps, known as JVC, is folks, often graduating from college, who dedicate 1 year of direct service to the poor, simple living, and spiritual community. They work in locations such as food banks and local church programs, to work with at-risk youth and work of this nature. They work directly to help make the world a better place and do so in an exceptional manner. Anyone who comes out of college and dedicates 1 year to such an effort certainly starts in a very sound place.

Since that time, Judge McShane has remained deeply dedicated both to Oregon and to serving those in our society most in need. After graduating from Lewis & Clark Law School, Judge McShane went to work as a public defender in Portland. For more than 10 years, he represented those who otherwise would have no voice in our legal system. After his time as a public defender, he went to work on the circuit court, first as a judge pro tem and then simply as a judge.

In the approximately 15 years he served on the circuit court, Judge McShane has developed an excellent reputation for fairness, thoroughness, and accuracy.

He also continued to serve in the community as a foster parent and adjunct law professor at Lewis & Clark College. In one letter of support I received, a member of the Portland law community summed up his nomination by saying:

What stands out to me is that Judge McShane lives and conducts his personal life with the same integrity, honor, compassion and diligence as he displays as a judge.

Judge McShane will make an excellent addition to the U.S. district court. I urge my colleagues present tonight to join in support for his nomination.

I yield the floor.


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