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Why the Affordable Care Act Must be Repealed

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I think it's an important point you make about how people make decisions based on price, because every weekend, when I go back home to southeast Louisiana and when I talk to my families and small businesses that are trying to figure out how ObamaCare is going to affect them, there is a recurring theme that comes through, and it's something we hear every single day.

First of all, small businesses have no idea how they're going to be able to comply with this law when they look at the mountains of regulations. We had recently stacked up all of the pages of regulations and rules that have come out, and it's well over 7-feet high. A small business that doesn't have, maybe, five, six, seven employees--they don't have an H.R. shop, they don't have teams of attorneys and accountants, they can't figure all of this out, and they're asking these questions. But we're also hearing this from large companies that provide really good health care for families all throughout southeast Louisiana. I hear this from colleagues from other States, too. When they look at this law, they say, The President promised, if you like what you have, you can keep it. Yet that promise is broken for millions of Americans who are facing these costs that have been discussed.

Look at the drastic increases of 73 percent that will hit families. If you have a good insurance policy that you like, if you have good health care, it's a 73 percent increase for you. If you're trying to get new health care, it's 96 percent more you'll have to pay because of ObamaCare.

I think what's the most frightening to families is when they see the new bureaucracy. This is the new bureaucracy created by ObamaCare. If you look, I think
the most sacred relationship in health care is the doctor and the patient. There should be nobody in between the doctor and the patient when it comes to making health care decisions. Yet, under ObamaCare, look at all of this mountain of red tape and agencies that come between families and their doctors in ObamaCare. At the very top of this--again, it's most riveting and has been brought up before--is the Internal Revenue Service.

First of all, does anybody at the IRS have any kind of medical degree or even EMS training?

Now the IRS is the enforcement agency of ObamaCare. Of course, that was riveting before the scandal that came out last week, but in light of the new scandal in which the IRS is literally targeting people, President Obama's administration is allowing this. Not one person has been fired by the way. The Obama administration made a decision to target Americans based on their beliefs, based on their values, and that's the agency that will be tasked with enforcing ObamaCare. They had little credibility before all of this scandal emerged, but now, in light of this, I think the lead Senate architect, Max Baucus, one of the authors of the bill, just a few weeks ago--they rammed it through, and Speaker Pelosi 3 years ago said that you've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it--said it's a train wreck coming down. In fact, he's not even running for reelection next year.

This kind of bureaucracy should not be put in place for any type of government agency, let alone coming between patients and their doctors. This is the massive bureaucracy that ObamaCare is. This is why we have this vote tomorrow to repeal ObamaCare, and it's a bill I'm proud to cosponsor.

Again, I thank the gentleman from Pennsylvania for his leadership in the hearings that we've had on the Oversight Subcommittee of Energy and Commerce to expose some of this, and also to even get testimony from Obama administration officials who say they're not even ready to comply with the legal deadlines in the law that are coming up in the next few months. This should not be dumped upon our families, whether it's in southeast Louisiana or anywhere else in the country. We need to repeal this bill and actually get back to work on fixing the problems in health care, like cost and access, that are now made even worse with ObamaCare.

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