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Water Resources Development Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. COBURN. The point I would make is the following: The big problem with WRDA bills is they become parochial in nature. So what we have excluded is everything since 1996 forward, which actually includes the present Members of Congress in terms of projects, their parochial wishes. So what we have done is we have said: You may not be capable of defunding or deauthorizing something else, but if it is new, you do not have the opportunity to do that. So what we are doing is we are protecting interests.

I yield back.


Mr. COBURN. Amendment No. 816 expands the review commission so that, in fact, it can look at everything. We have given them the responsibility.

What the bill does is a great first step, but it protects all the earmarks from 1996 forward, so we are not going to look at any of those. We are not going to allow the review commission, the deauthorizing commission, to make recommendations on everything. We are going to select what they will look at.

If we trust them to look at the other things, we ought to trust them to look at all of it. We do have an opportunity to turn them down if, in fact, they are trying to deauthorize something the Congress thinks shouldn't be deauthorized.


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