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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 45, Repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HUELSKAMP. Mr. Speaker, President Obama and his legislative supporters promised us many things in ObamaCare. Some folks might call this misinformation, but today I call them whoppers.

Whopper No. 1: we were promised ObamaCare will reduce the deficit. Instead, according to the report from the nonpartisan GAO, ObamaCare will increase the Federal deficit by $6.2 trillion.

Secretary Sebelius, whopper No. 2: health insurance for all. She has now admitted up to 24 million Americans will lose their current health insurance.

No. 3: we were promised it will not fund abortions. Yet for the first time in decades, Americans will be forced to fund abortions through Federal insurance subsidies.

Whopper No. 4: it will create jobs. A recent nonpartisan study concluded that ObamaCare's employer mandate can put up to 3.2 million American jobs at risk.

No. 5: we were promised it will strengthen Medicare but, instead, ObamaCare contains $700 billion in cuts to Medicare and allows a bureaucratic, unelected, unaccountable panel to make these massive cuts to Medicare.

Whopper No. 6: we were promised that ObamaCare respects religious liberty. Nineteen courts disagree because the HHS mandate requires all employers to pay for insurance, including abortion drugs, irrespective of any moral objections.

Whopper No. 7: health insurance will go down, they promised. But instead, every estimate, every estimate provided by insurance providers indicates premiums will increase anywhere from 20 to 400 percent.

Whopper No. 8: it is not a tax. If it's not a tax, why does the IRS need 2,000 more agents just to implement ObamaCare? Because of the 21 tax hikes included in the bill.

And last of all and, most importantly, the biggest whopper of all: if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. My constituents, your constituents have shared real life story after story about how they will lose the coverage they like once the individual mandate goes into effect. And the CBO estimates up to 7 million Americans may lose their employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

Mr. Speaker, it's time to stop telling whoppers and start speaking the truth. It's time to repeal ObamaCare now.


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