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Actions of Treasury Secretary and the IRS Commissioner Fall on President's Shoulders

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HUELSKAMP. Madam Speaker, on Monday, President Obama claimed that the IRS was an ``independent agency.'' Mr. President, that is not true. As your chart shows, the President can remove both the Treasury Secretary and the IRS Commissioner at will. They both serve at the pleasure of President Barack Obama.

In recent weeks, months, and perhaps years, President Obama has increasingly claimed little or no responsibility for the actions of his administration. Whether it is the Benghazi coverups, the ObamaCare failures, or this targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, President Obama has flipped the moniker of President Truman on its head. Instead of ``the buck stops here,'' Obama's theme has become ``the buck never stops here.''

The evidence is clear. The IRS targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups, and the IRS Commissioner knew about it. This gross misuse of political power is an absolute outrage.

Mr. President, the IRS Commissioner and the Treasury Secretary serve at your will, and thus, the responsibility for their outrageous actions falls squarely on your shoulders.

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