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Opposing the Repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM of New Mexico. Mr. Speaker, instead of taking steps to create jobs and grow the economy, Republicans yesterday voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the 37th time.

The Affordable Care Act is working, and its benefits are being felt throughout the country, especially in my home State. Almost 525,000 New Mexicans now have access to free preventative services, such as mammograms, flu shots and colonoscopy screenings. Almost 19,000 seniors have benefited from lower prescription drug costs, and over 26,000 young adults in New Mexico can stay on their parents' insurance plans until they are 26.

So why in the world would we want to hurt seniors, women and young people by repealing the Affordable Care Act?

Let's not forget that the Affordable Care Act is a job creator. The Medicaid expansion alone will create 6,000 to 8,000 jobs in New Mexico and will pump more than $5 billion into our economy over the next 6 years.

Mr. Speaker, let's stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and let's get back to work on behalf of the American people.

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