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Gov. Pence Signs Criminal Code Restructuring Bill, Second Chance Bill

Press Release

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Governor Mike Pence today signed HEA 1006, which reforms Indiana's criminal code and HEA 1482, which outlines conditions for giving certain offenders a fresh start.

"Indiana should be the worst place in America to commit a serious crime and the best place, once you've done your time, to get a second chance," said Pence. "The legislation that I sign today will reform and strengthen Indiana's criminal code by focusing resources on the most serious offenses, and the related legislation will give a second chance to those who strive to re-enter society and become productive, law-abiding citizens."

HEA 1006 strengthens the penalties for B and C felonies, computer crimes, sex crimes and hazing. It also allows a judge to report suspected child abuse or neglect directly to the local Department of Child Services after they have reported the suspicion to the child abuse hotline.

HEA 1482 helps offenders rebuild their lives by allowing them to have their records expunged after a sustained period without re-offending, which will strengthen their opportunities for gainful employment.

HEA 1006 was authored by Representative Greg Steuerwald (R) and coauthored by Representatives Jud McMillin (R), Matt Pierce (D), and Linda Lawson (D). The legislation was sponsored by Senators Brent Steele (R), R. Michael Young (R) and Lindel Hume (D). It was cosponsored by Senators Greg Taylor (D) and Lonnie Randolph (D).

HEA 1482 was authored by Representative Jud McMillin (R) and coauthored by Representatives Linda Lawson (D), Matt Ubelhor (R), Eric Turner (R), Greg Porter (D), and Vanessa Summers (D). It was sponsored by Senators Brent Steele (R), R. Michael Young (R), and Earline Rogers (D) and cosponsored by Senators Greg Taylor (D) and Lonnie Randolph (D).

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