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Why the Affordable Care Act Must Be Replaced

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MURPHY of Pennsylvania. I thank my friend from West Virginia, whose district borders mine in southwestern Pennsylvania down there.

But I note and amplify something you said because even when some say, well, you know, if you're a business of less than 50 employees it's not going to affect you, there are a couple things. Some businesses say, well, then, we'll stay under 50 employees. But also, those people are still going to have the taxes. They're going to have higher Medicare taxes, taxes on their paycheck, they're going to see health care costs going up anyway because of the tax on health insurance, tax on prescription drugs, and other taxes that go on. So people will still see higher costs in this.

I'd like to call now upon another one of my colleagues from Texas, Dr. Burgess, also on the Energy and Commerce Committee, who continues to work very hard for the sake of patients to make sure we come up with an affordable plan for American families.


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