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Water Resources Development Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Madam President, in fiscal year 2011, approximately $1.4 billion in harbor maintenance taxes, HMT, was collected nationally. Of this, over $430 million, nearly 32 percent, was collected in California, with nearly $363 million generated by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Of the amounts collected, nearly $677 million was allocated to coastal operations and maintenance budgets nationwide annually over the past 3 years. California's share of this funding is approximately $54 million, only 13 percent of what was collected in its ports. Put another way, California contributes 32 percent of the whole HMT but is receiving only 8 percent of what is allocated nationwide.

Section 8004 of the bill establishes a path whereby HMT funds could be used on expanded uses to address the critical maintenance needs of California's ports. I want to clarify that the amendment submitted by the Senator from Michigan, No. 893, does not preclude or unnecessarily delay the use of HMT funds in California's largest ports. Is it your understanding that this amendment, submitted by the Senator from Michigan, will not preclude or impact funding for expanded uses under Section 8004 (b) of the bill?


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