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Blog: Laying Down the L.A.W: ObamaCare: The 190 Million Hour Debacle


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Things that you would need 190 million hours to do:

Build Mt. Rushmore 1,547 times
See Halley's Comet 285 times (Halley's Comet passes Earth every 67 years)
Build the Empire State Building 127 times
Oh, and comply with all of the regulations found in ObamaCare. You saw that last one right -- over 190 million hours have been spent complying, growing, and regulating ObamaCare. And it hasn't even been implemented yet.

All the time and money spent complying with the Democrats' health care law is taking away from families, patients, jobs creation, and small business. Instead of helping, ObamaCare is placing a burden on business, hospitals, and most importantly, families. The cost of fees, premiums, and taxes are growing to the point where we can't plan for this uncertain future.

That's why the House Ways and Means, Education and the Workforce, and Energy and Commerce Committees have developed The Burden Tracker to help the public keep up with of all the government time spent on tracking new mandates, rules, and red tape from ObamaCare.

Instead of wasting our time trying to implement this "huge train wreck" of a health care law, we need to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a solution that doesn't tax and burden all Americans and businesses. I will continue to work with my Republican colleagues to repeal, defund, and dismember ObamaCare in hopes of building a balanced and sustainable health care system for all Americans.

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