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Westmoreland Votes to Repeal ObamaCare


Location: Washington, DC

The House of Representatives has passed H.R. 45, a bill to repeal ObamaCare. Congressman Westmoreland is a cosponsor of the legislation and joined a bipartisan majority of his colleagues in the House to vote for the bill. This week's vote marks the 37th time House Republicans have voted to repeal, defund, or dismantle ObamaCare. Below is Congressman Westmoreland's statement.

"ObamaCare is and has always been a bad law. And every day it seems we find out new information that only backs that up.

"We were promised insurance premiums would be lowered. Instead, premiums have increased $3,000 annually for American families. In Georgia, the House Energy and Commerce Committee anticipates premiums will increase from 48-63 percent in the individual market and 25 percent in the small group market. We were assured that people could keep their health insurance and now even President Obama's own HHS Secretary Sebelius has admitted an estimated 24 million Americans who like their health insurance are likely to lose it. The cost has more than doubled since the law was passed just three short years ago, from the $900 billion price tag the president promised the American people in 2010 to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's $1.88 trillion estimate announced recently.

"And now we are learning the agency responsible for enforcing the individual mandates within ObamaCare has been secretly targeting conservative groups who don't agree with the president's policies. Can we really trust that same agency to properly and ethically manage that? I think not.

"That's why I'm a cosponsor of this bill to repeal ObamaCare and that's why I'm going to continue to support a full repeal of ObamaCare until the Senate and the president finally admit this is what is best for the country and what the American people want," stated Westmoreland.

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