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Reed: Ithaca Airport Tower Will Remain Open


Location: Unknown

Rep. Reed today announced the Department of Transportation has committed to funding the contract tower at the Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport. Reed secured funding for the Ithaca tower last month and today, the Federal Aviation Administration assured all 149 contract towers slated to be closed June 15th would remain open.

"Today the local community in Tompkins County, and all those who utilize the Ithaca Airport, can breathe a sigh of relief," Reed said. "We placed pressure on the Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of the Ithaca Airport and made our intentions clear from day one that there was no reason to jeopardize the viability of the tower. In conjunction with outreach to local stakeholders, we put forth a strong case for the Ithaca Airport and those efforts were realized today."

Reed's dedication to securing funding began the evening of the Federal Aviation Administration's initial announcement when Reed spoke directly with the FAA's Chief Operating Officer for Air Traffic, voicing his serious concern with the Administration's decision. Reed continued outreach with local stakeholders and pressured the FAA with regular communication, resulting in a delay of the original closure date. Last month, Reed secured funding for the Ithaca tower in a House and Senate passed bill.

"From the beginning, our objective has been a reversal in the FAA's decision to close the tower," Reed continued. "Today, after weeks of constant communication, we are pleased to relay to Tompkins County that its airport will remain an economic benefit in the long term."

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