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About Those Jobs, President Obama...


Location: Austin, TX

By Governor Rick Perry

Like many families and employers, President Obama has heard about the Texas success story, where we free job creators to grow their businesses and give families and hardworking taxpayers unlimited opportunity to keep more of their hard-earned money and a live a better life.

To highlight job creation, there's no more natural place to visit than Texas. After all, in the past five years, while the nation as a whole lost 2.5 million jobs, Texas employers created more than half a million net new jobs.

And to highlight our state's investment in a skilled workforce, the president chose one of our 65 cutting edge T-STEM academies. In fact, the very school he will visit today, Manor New Tech High School, was created as a result of a collaborative effort with Manor ISD, Samsung and my office, as part of a multi-billion-dollar capital investment project by Samsung for a semiconductor facility. I was proud to cut the ribbon on opening day.

His visit comes during a big week for Texas. On Monday, Site Selection Magazine named us the most competitive state in 2012 and Tuesday, Chief Executive Magazine named Texas the top business climate for the ninth straight year. Those honors go on the shelf next to our status as CNBC's Top State for Business, for the third time in the last several years. Plus, we recently won our fourth Governor's Cup, awarded by Site Selection Magazine for the most new and expanded corporate facilities announced over the year. Simply put, that reflects more jobs and better lives for more Texans.

The secret to our success is actually pretty simple, and I've shared the message around the country and around the world. We keep our taxes low, our regulations reasonable and effective, we've implemented lawsuit abuse reforms and cultivated a world-class workforce. Are these decisions always easy? No, but like every American family, we make the tough choices and balance our budget. Hardworking taxpayers should expect no less than a limited and accountable government.

The question many struggling and out of work Americans across the nation ask themselves every day is how long can I survive on a credit card? How long can the American government survive? The simple truth is Washington needs to rein in the spending and start living by the same rules as every American.

Americans don't want a government handout, they want a paycheck. The President should focus on creating private sector jobs, like we're doing here in Texas.

We know that people with more money to invest in their business, or in their families, or in their home, or in personal passions like the arts, are empowered to make their communities better. The less money government takes, the more financial freedom hardworking Americans can enjoy.

We also realize the importance of confidence and predictability.

Anyone seeking to build their business needs to know what things will look like not just next year, but many years from now. In Texas, they do.

They know they can put down solid roots, and won't be tied up in miles of government red tape.

Texas stands as a strong example of what a state can accomplish by freeing job creators to do what they do best: create jobs.

If President Obama is serious about getting our nation back to work, then he has certainly come to the right place to learn how it's done.

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