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Congressman Pete King's Response to Student Protest Against His Selection as St. John's Commencement Speaker


Location: Unknown

It is a great privilege to have been selected as St. John's commencement speaker
Students at St. John's University are protesting my selection as this year's commencement speaker. That, of course, is their right even though they are misguided and wrong.

Almost as misguided is Newsday which in today's story takes an entirely legitimate statement of mine and rips it entirely out of context. Newsday quotes me as saying "there are too many Mosques in America" while leaving out the rest of the sentence "who do not cooperate with law enforcement." Even Newsday reporters and editors should be smart enough to understand the distinction. Based on Newsday's track record with me, however, I would hardly be surprised if this was just one more example of Newsday's bias and distortion.

It is a great privilege to have been selected as St. John's commencement speaker. I am saddened that this outstanding university is being dragged into this fight. But the right of free speech and academic freedom is paramount and I commend St. John's University. I look forward to the commencement ceremony.

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