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Dr. Ruiz Opposes "Pay China First" Legislation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Dr. Raul Ruiz (D-Palm Desert) today joined a bipartisan group of House members in opposing H.R. 807. This so-called "debt prioritization" legislation would mandate that in the event of a default on the national debt, China and other foreign nations would be paid before military service members, retired and disabled veterans, doctors and hospitals that treat Medicare patients, and American small businesses that provide goods and services.

"This bill makes no sense -- I will not prioritize China before American troops, wounded veterans, seniors, and small businesses," said Dr. Ruiz. "Working families in my district believe in paying their bills, and so should the federal government. We have an obligation as a nation to live within our means, decrease the deficit, and pay our debt responsibly."

The U.S. Treasury Department makes 80 to 100 million payments each month. Both Republican and Democratic economists, the Council of Inspectors General on Financial Oversight, and the U.S. Treasury Department itself have concluded that it would be impossible to pick and choose which bills get paid and which do not.

Dr. Ruiz voted for an amendment to H.R. 807 that would have ensured Members of Congress do not get paid in the event of a government default.

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