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The Turkish and Israeli Governments Working Together

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COHEN. Mr. Speaker, last night, there was historic and important news from the Middle East. For the second time, the Israeli and the Turkish governments met and feel they're close to having an agreement to renew their diplomatic relations, which for 3 years have not existed.

There could be nothing more important to peace in the Middle East and America's interests than the Turkish and the Israeli Governments working together.

Having that historic relationship mended came about because President Obama, on his trip to Israel, urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to apologize for the incidents with the flotilla. He did so. That was a major act on Prime Minister Netanyahu's part. And for Prime Minister Erdogan to accept it was important too. They're working together. They're very close.

I'm pleased with both the Turkish and the Israeli Governments and their leaders, and I thank President Obama for his initiative.

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