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Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, Is there no one in this chamber who is embarrassed? Or perhaps the question should be: Is no one in this chamber not embarrassed?

The Senate panics and passes a bill to correct the failures of a small part of the abominable consequences of the ``sequester'' or sequestration.

We are now funding the failures of what we did earlier. With red faces and guilty looks, we vote on a quick correction of one important, but small, consequence--furloughs at the FAA amongst controllers--and now we sneak out of town, believing that we have made the travelling public safe.

Have we? Baloney! A really huge problem still remains unaddressed. The budget is a giant mess. Many other perils to our society, to our safety, and to the wellbeing of our people are quietly ignored as we sneak out of Washington to go home for speeches, campaigning and schmoozing with our people.

How many of us will describe our real failures we leave unaddressed? Dangers at the borders, cuts and furloughs to Custom & Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and other security agencies--all unaddressed.

Food and Drug Administration--cut, sequestered, and unable to protect our people's health and safety.

Roads, highways, and bridges--all in danger.

Law enforcement at risk and with cuts, sequesters, and all that goes with those events to fester in our absence.

Education--our schools, colleges, universities, and research facilities are all affected with uncertainty.

Business, investments, and job creation all delayed because we can't--or won't--address our budget problems.

Almost nothing in government, or the economy, is able to prosper or carry out its responsibilities because we cannot, or will not, address the budget problems of this Nation, using the sequester as a substitute for courage, responsibility, and just good, honest work with compromise and cooperation.

This Republic has prospered for over 200 years because this Congress--the House and Senate--and our political parties worked together in the public's interest.

Apparently--No more!

We now go home, one small matter dealt with.

How many more are not dealt with? And what will be the consequences?

As we sneak home shame-facedly it may be that we ourselves will be safe from these failures.

Perhaps we will even be safe politically for a while, but we do not deserve to be; and we won't be when people figure out how poorly we do the Nation's business.

We have much to do. This country believes that we should do so, and it will demand that we do so.

Let us buckle down.

Let us do the job we are paid to do. We have a vital responsibility.

Let us carry it out.

Let us get busy and do the Nation's business--now.

Our responsibility is more important than our ideology.

I am ashamed. Is the rest of this body ashamed?

And what will we do about it?


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