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Weber to Obama: If You Want to Talk Jobs, Lets Talk Keystone Pipeline


Location: Washington, DC

President Obama announced that he will be making a trip to Austin, Texas to discuss his economic plan. Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) is inviting the President to visit Texas District 14 to see the advantages to constructing the Keystone Pipeline. Congressman Weber made the following statement:

"If the President wants to talk jobs then coming to Texas is a good move because in this great state, not only do we know how to retain jobs by being business friendly, but we know how to CREATE jobs. I would like for the President to come to my energy rich district, which is waiting for the opportunities the Keystone Pipeline would present. Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had an article on the energy boom in Texas; stating that, "Texas produces as much oil as the four next largest producing states combined. The Lone Star State now pumps nearly two million barrels a day.'

If the President wants to help create jobs, there is a project that has been waiting 1,690 days that would do just that. I encourage and welcome the President to come to my district so he can talk with local leaders and businesses who want the Keystone Pipeline."

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