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Save the Children of the North Forest Independent School District

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, over the past couple of weeks, in my district, we've been working with a very small school district by the name of North Forest Independent School District, of about 7,000 young people, bright, energetic and prepared to reach and fulfill their future.

Unfortunately, the State of Texas chooses to close that school, not because they are not meeting the Leave No Child Behind, but because one high school did not meet the threshold by two students. Over the next couple of days, we expect to hear from the State to ask this district to terminate all employees.

We offered to the State a collaborative response of having them to work with public charters and work with the public school system, keeping it a public school system. We again ask the State of Texas, the Governor of the State of Texas, who has refused to give Federal funds for education back to the districts, you know why? Maybe it's because of sequester.

But more importantly, I want to save those students, I want to save those employees, and I believe we can do it by eliminating the sequester.

I ask unanimous consent to bring up H.R. 900, a one-sentence bill to eliminate the sequester. These children at the North Forest Independent School District deserve to be able to graduate from a public school. It is shameful that they will be getting a notice of their beloved teachers, fire them all.

I will go home to the district and stand against it. I ask for relief from the U.S. Department of Education and all of those who believe in educating our children and being responsible to our teachers who teach them and love them.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. As the Chair previously advised, that request cannot be entertained absent appropriate clearance.

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