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Collins Infuriated by Reports of Religious Censorship Among Military Personnel


Location: Gainesville, GA

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA), Air Force Reservists and Chaplain, released the following statement condemning the recent actions of the United States Armed Services to deter servicemen and women's alienable religious liberties:

"As a minister and reservist in the United States Air Force, it appalls me to hear the military of the freest nation in the world has labeled people of faith as religious extremists and continues this hostile attitude even after offering a half-hearted, public apology ," said Collins. "How have we gotten to this point as a nation? Our country's religious liberties are founding principles to its unique history, and after over two centuries of safeguarding and protecting these inalienable rights, I refuse to let it fall through on my watch. This is an issue that deeply concerns me personally, and one I do not plan on taking a backseat for during the national discussion.

"Our valiant servicemen and women are fighting every single day to protect our individual freedoms, how can we idly stand aside and let theirs be so easily taken? I simply will not allow it. The men and women serving our interests on the frontlines, at home and abroad, can rest assured I will not stop until this travesty is rescinded, a true apology is given, and our Constitutional, religious freedoms are upheld."

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