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Enough is Enough

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, the greatest amount of opportunity, the greatest amount of success for the greatest number of people--ensuring that the American Dream lives for all--that's what we want. That's our goal. And our constituents know that the path to that goal demands real solutions.

Sadly, all we hear from the President and the other side is to just stay the course. More failed policies, more debt, more taxes, less American energy, more government control of health care, more dependency on government, less economic growth. That's their plan. And it simply isn't working for American families.

And now the President is forcing air travel delays, blaming the action on the sequester. The FAA is spending right now exactly what it spent in 2010. So these are Obama flight delays. The truth is that any spending reduction at the FAA could easily be gained by cutting waste, not necessary services.

President Obama, stop playing politics with the American people. We in Congress are used to it, but the public doesn't deserve it. Enough is enough.

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